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  •  Teachers of primary schools, secondary schools and vocational schools
  • Adult education teachers
  • Teacher trainers
  • Head teachers
  • Careers officers and counselorsManagers of schools/ organizations offering vocational education or adult education


Learning objectives:

-to increase awareness about Flipped learning

-to boost understanding about key aspects related to content delivery in a flipped classroom

-to familiarize teachers with Web 2.0 tools and apps

-to develop teaching competencies for creating a highly collaborate and differentiated classroom environment

-to empower teachers with knowledge and skills for integrating modern technologies into the learning and teaching process

-to encourage teachers to integrate modern technologies into the teaching and learning process

-to exchange ready-to-use materials that integrate web tools and apps

Training Agenda
Day 1

Introduction – what is flipped learning?
My flipped classroom and experiences
Internet safety 
Cyber bullying

Day 2

Presentation Tools
Creating a Classroom Website
Cooperative learning strategies
Web 2.0 tools 

Day 3

Why flip your classroom?
Redefining instructions and homework
Flipped Learning Resources
Assessment in a Flipped Classroom

Day 4

Using Flipped Classroom when teaching online
Flipping your Elementary Classroom
Flipping your High School Classroom
Class activity ideas

Day 5

Workshops: Create a flipped learning lesson
In-depth discussions about flipping practices

frequent asked questions

Activities: the course includes at least one guided city tour

We organize optional social and cultural activities for offering participants the opportunity to know more about Germany and German culture.

Working language: English

We can also organize sessions in a different language.

Certificate: our organization will issue a Certificate of Attendance and include a description of the training content

Logistics: Each participant needs to bring his own laptop or tablet. We do not provide laptops, computers or tablets.

Price: 350 €

Please contact us if you would like us to create a tailor-made course for a group of teachers.

Participants will be asked to fill in a questionnaire to express their feedback regarding the effectiveness of the training course.

A list with the contact details of all participants will be created after the course for stimulating peer networking and motivate participants to remain in contact with the trainers and their fellows and exchange experiences on how to effectively integrate ideas from the course to their own educational realities. Participants will be encouraged to cooperate in the future by running Erasmus+ partnerships and projects.

Trainers will assist participants in disseminating the learning results and outcomes. All participants will be given digital and hard copies of the materials used during the training course, which can be used when sharing their experience with their colleagues.

We will provide photos and visual materials of the training course for helping participants to ensure the visibility of their project and dissemination of this activity.

We will offer support for filling in all documents related to Europass Mobility certificates.

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