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Vocational Education and Training

Erasmus+ offers Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers and other organizations working in the field of VET the opportunity to organize learning mobility activities for VET learners and staff.

Activities such as work shadowing, courses, and teaching or training assignments in another organization overseas are permitted under the Erasmus+ programme.

How does it work?

Vocational training providers and other organizations actively involved in vocational training can apply for funding in two ways: Short-term projects and Accredited projects.



VET opportunities provided only by EMYF Institute:

The 10th Smarties

1. Global Citizenship

2. Life Planning

3. Time and Task Management

4. Personal Branding (Discover your skills)

5. Digital Computer Skills

6.Internet Introduction (Discover the world)

7.Language Skills

8. Career Planning (Job Hunting)

9.Work Environment Integration

10. How to make a life/work successful story

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Trainings about Renewable Energy

The knowledge and abilities required to work in the field of renewable energy are made available to individuals through our renewable energy training programs.

Training enables individuals to acquire the specific skills and knowledge necessary for a career in this field. The renewable energy sector is constantly evolving with advances in technology and innovation. Training keeps individuals  up-to-date on the latest developments, enabling them to adapt to changing industry trends. By being trained in the field, individuals can position themselves to work in an industry that is predicted to continue to advance.

Trainings about Sustainability

Our sustainability trainings are essential because they raise awareness, educate people, change behavior, foster cooperation, develop skills, empower participants, stimulate innovation and influence policy.

The sessions stimulate positive action and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable and resilient future by providing people with information and tools.

The methodology used allows participants to make educated decisions and implement sustainable habits in their personal and professional lives. Through practical tips, case studies and examples, workshops can inspire individuals to adopt sustainable habits and behaviors.

Our trainers assist individuals in understanding the environmental, social, and economic consequences of their decisions and behaviors.


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An Example of Our Vocational Courses


Ten Smarties

In response to the rapid increase of the unemployed people living in Berlin or Germany in the past year, EMYF has been working actively to provide services that respond to the changing needs. 


EMYF presents the present proposal called Ten Smarties: career guiding service as a reply to the need to strenghten career planning  for unemployed people. 

The program aims to enhance the unemployed people career guidance in developing people’s employability and integration to the labour market. 

Our main target is formed by unemployed people living in Berlin with and without a migrant background, who have completed compulsory school and receive basic social security benefits according to SGB II.


There are three main objectives of the project of “Ten Smarties: career guiding service” as follows:

1) To enhance unemployed people self-understanding in career planning.

2) To strengthen the existing career support services for unemployed people with or without migrant background.

3) To provide training and career guidance in order to enrich the career guidance services.


We wish to strengthen the unemployed people career support services by: 

-Providing professional personality assessments, such as Personality Dimension, Self-directed Search, etc. for unemployed people to identify their interests and potential in order to facilitate their career planning. 

-Organizing Entrepreneurship agencies visits, guest sharing to explore different kinds of career fields and gain some positive working values. 

-Organizing training workshops such as Global citizen, Life planning, Career Planning, Personal branding, Job hunting, High Performance, Entrepreneurship in order to enhance people’s employability. 

-Offering internships opportunities at Entrepreneurship agencies to encourage people to explore a career path and give them an edge in the job market.


There will be interactive training sessions containing 10 modules of trainings that will last for 4 months including an internship for 1 month, and Ten Smarties having a duration of 640 hours in total per trainee.

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