Team based Teaching: Enhancing Classroom Success

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 Teachers of primary schools, secondary schools and vocational schools

Adult education teachers

Teacher trainers

Head teachers

Careers officers and counselors

Managers of schools/ organizations offering vocational education or adult education


Course description:

Effective teaching methods play an important role in the dynamic realm of education as they facilitate student engagement, learning, and achievement. Team-Based Teaching is an inventive and progressive methodology that aims to provide educators with the authority to establish interactive and dynamic learning environments. This course provides educators with the necessary knowledge and approaches to effectively utilise collaboration, active learning, and peer interaction in order to improve the overall success of their classrooms.


Learning outcomes:

The course will help participants to:

-acquire the expertise and understanding necessary to proficiently use team-based instructional techniques.

-improve student involvement, cooperation, and analytical reasoning.

-cultivate a constructive and all-encompassing educational environment.

-enhance educational achievements and overall academic performance.

adjust to the changing environment of education and technology.

-access a network of educators and exposure to resources to assist continuous professional growth.


Training agenda:

This is a standard indicative training agenda. The course will be personalized according to participants’ needs and professional profiles.

Day 1

Introduction to Team-Based Teaching

Examine the fundamental ideas behind team-based education.

Understand the significance of cooperation and teamwork within the educational setting.

Analyse the advantages of collaborative teaching for both instructors and learners.


Day 2

Designing Optimal Team-Based Learning Activities

Learn to create engaging and relevant learning activities.

Create evaluations that foster the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Customise activities to accommodate a wide range of learning styles and individual requirements.


Day 3

Building and Managing Diverse Teams

Understand how diverse student teams operate.

Create approaches to building efficient teams.

Develop the ability to effectively handle conflicts and obstacles that arise within teams.


Day 4

Supporting Team-Based Learning with Technology

Explore digital tools and resources that enhance team-based teaching.

Incorporate technology to facilitate collaboration, communication, and assessment processes.

Craft equitable and efficient approaches for evaluating both team and individual performance.

Implementing Team-Based Teaching in Different Educational Settings


Day 5

Explore the adaptability of team-based teaching across varying subjects and age demographics.

Customize team-based teaching principles to align with the unique requirements of your educational setting.

Evaluating the Impact of Team-Based Teaching

Course Round Up and Final Evaluation

Validation of the learning outcomes & Certificate Ceremony

frequent asked questions

Activities: the course includes at least one guided city tour

We organize optional social and cultural activities for offering participants the opportunity to know more about Germany and German culture.

Working language: English

We can also organize sessions in a different language.

Certificate: our organization will issue a Certificate of Attendance and include a description of the training content

Logistics: Each participant needs to bring his own laptop or tablet. We do not provide laptops, computers or tablets.

Please contact us if you would like us to create a tailor-made course for a group of teachers.

Participants will be asked to fill in a questionnaire to express their feedback regarding the effectiveness of the training course.

A list with the contact details of all participants will be created after the course for stimulating peer networking and motivate participants to remain in contact with the trainers and their fellows and exchange experiences on how to effectively integrate ideas from the course to their own educational realities. Participants will be encouraged to cooperate in the future by running Erasmus+ partnerships and projects.

Trainers will assist participants in disseminating the learning results and outcomes.  All participants will be given digital and hard copies of the materials used during the training course, which can be used when sharing their experience with their colleagues.

We will provide photos and visual materials of the training course for helping participants to ensure the visibility of their project and dissemination of this activity.

We will offer support for filling in all documents related to Europass Mobility certificates.

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