Youth Conference in Thessaloniki Empowers Participants to Shape European Youth Policies

From January 15th to 19th, 2024, Thessaloniki, Greece, became the focal point for youth advocates and policymakers as they convened for the STEP project's Youth Conference on Creating Youth Advisory Committees.

The conference, a vital component of the Enhancing Participation in Modeling EU Youth Policies initiative, aimed to empower youth advocates and shape the future of European youth policies.

Participants gathered to uncover principles, strategies, and tools essential for championing youth engagement and breaking barriers. Through interactive sessions and discussions, attendees delved into topics crucial for fostering meaningful youth participation in policy-making processes.

The conference provided a platform for youth to exchange ideas, share experiences, and collaborate on initiatives aimed at building a brighter future for European youth.

The European Student Engagement Project (European STEP) is an initiative focused on recognizing and enhancing students' active participation in Europe. It aims to cultivate key skills alongside academic learning by mapping legislative frameworks, conducting studies, providing support to students and institutions, and ensuring project sustainability. Through these efforts, European STEP promotes a culture of student empowerment and participation across the continent.

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