Autobiographical Theatre fiction as innovative tool to address the human vulnerability

The scope of ATENEA was to foster European cooperation between different partners (and relevant stakeholders) in adult learning (migrant integration, intergenerational learning, social inclusion) through specific innovative pedagogical approaches using the "Autobiographical Theatre" - ATENEA is based on a good practice of “Autobiographical Theatre” that was carried out with mental health disease adults , of the Àmbit Association( Project leader ) in Spain.


ATENEA wanted “to promote and scale up of Ambit's good practice and to develop it together with international partners: YEPA, Lithuania, K.A.NE., Greece, DRPDNM, Slovenia , Les Cultures , Italy and EMYF, Germany.

ATENEA project promoted the social inclusion, priority was given to actions that helped address diversity and promoted ownership of shared values, equality, including gender equality, and non-discrimination through of non-formal educational and training paths.

ATENEA engaged 25 therapist and five different groups of vulnerable people (30 people in all) and about : Women facing social and geographical obstacles; long-term unemployed people ; People with mental diseases ; Asylum seekers/refugees; Women from disadvantaged neighbourhoods and Former inmates.

The pristine idea aimed to reflect on the experience in a theatre training process with a group of people with disabilities, who were in vulnerable conditions and diversity.

The concept of “Autobiographical Theatre” consists of an original piece based on the contents of the author's personal life (participating user), and the representation in front of an audience. The autobiographical or self-referential piece usually has a revealing aspect that shows personal contents and allows the author / authoress/actor/actress to aesthetically explore events in his life, express feelings such and make visible issues that concern and interest him/her.


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The Project is connected with the idea of Autobiographical Theatre and aims to recover, integrate vulnerable and excluded people increasing their personal and as well as social skills and, above all, improving their quality of life. The project aimed to address the problem at a transnational level through a team of partners that complement each other towards spreading innovative methods to face the vulnerability. Thus, project wanted to rethinking the teaching and adult learning strategies with the Autobiographical theatre approach allows us to construct proposals that include the differences and rediscovering the expressive and communicative possibilities that dramatic art has. Many people live in maximum invisibility, for the rest, in several European countries and in the world and need alternative and innovative strategies to their social inclusion.

Project Reference: 2020-1-ES01-KA204-082354




Les Cultures

Euro-Med Youth Federation (EMYF) e. V.