Credi contributes to economic growth and job creation,based on the underlying technology and the expected wide applicability of Createch innovations to different sectors and contexts. A common finding in studies on the future of work is that employers will increasingly demand digital skills and creative skills. Many researches show that combinations of skills – technological, artistic, organisational and management are important for creative work. A report on the future of jobs by the World Economic Forum (WEF) considers creativity, along with complex problem solving and critical thinking, as one of top three skills in 2020, and estimated 87% of creative jobs are ‘at low or no risk of automation’. 

Developing an Online self-assessment tool which allows adults identify gaps and shortages in digital skills. The project predicts delivering training courses at least 60 digitally low skilled adults to increase their creative skills and competences with the support for least 12 trainers Giving adults the opportunity to acquire and develop skills and abilities that contribute to their full participation in the information society Providing learning opportunities for adults in lifelong learning also to provide incentivize and enable greater employer engagement in training and cement the value of creative education.


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Credi aims to foster economic growth and job creation by leveraging Createch innovations across various sectors. Studies highlight the increasing demand for digital and creative skills in the future job market. Combining technological, artistic, organizational, and management skills is crucial for creative work.

Project name: CREDI

Project Reference: 2021-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000033453

Start date: 01-12-2021

End date: 30-11-2023

Coordinator: Euro-Med Youth Federation (EMYF) e. V.

EU Contribution: 216,852 EUR

Partners: Aydin Kulturel Gelisim Dernegi (TR) , PROGEU-PROGRESS IN EUROPEAN UNION -ISTITUTO PER LO SVILUPPO APS (IT) , Association Hexagonale de l'Innovation Sociale et de l'Education (FR) , ANAPTIXIAKO KENTRO THESSALIAS (EL) , Gestión Estratégica e Innovación SL (ES)