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The youth exchange project "eSport for Social Inclusion" was an innovative solution for the European Union obtsicals to reach the social inclusion.

The social inclusion obstacles had become more visible with the refugee crisis and immigration issues for all European countries and communities. The implementation of this project was an opportunity for young people from two countries to identify problems on their own and find solutions to current crises within the scope of social inclusion and esport (Electronic sports, organized video game competitions).

The objectives of this project were to facilitate eSports as an educational method for solving problems related to social inclusion, to measure the activities of the EU in the field of esport and to bring together young people by taking advantage of the attractive feature of esport, to develop a new digital youth project, to provide knowledge and competences, and to facilitate closer synergy and cooperation between youth organizations and young people involved in the digital games.

The activities organized helped participants to increase their understanding about eSports, communication skills, public speaking skills, as well as digital skills, social inclusion, intercultural tolerance, multiculturalism and cooperation skills. Participants actively cooperated in all project activities, workshops and discussions sessions held during the project. The methods used were based on learning by doing and peer learning.

Reuniting young people of similar age from two different countries was an opportunity to encourage team working facilitating cultural dialogue.

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“ESports for Social Inclusion” was a youth exchange that was created in partnership with the EuroMed Youth federation e. V., Germany and the Association for Knowledge and Skills, Turkey.

The youth exchance took place in Berlin, Germany, from the 15th till the 23th of November 2019. The project gathered 20 participants and 4 leaders from both organizations in Berlin, Germany.