Fake News Buster

Fake News Busters is a 24-month European project designed by civil society organizations active at local, regional, national, and transnational level aiming to empower European citizens to make informed decisions by helping them identify disinformation and promoting media literacy. Focusing on promoting citizens' participation in and contribution to the democratic and civic life of the Union by making known and publicly exchanging their views in this area on Union action, the consortium will gather a diverse range of people (women, men and non-binary) from different backgrounds in activities directly linked to EU policies, giving them an opportunity to actively participate in the EU policymaking process that supports counter-disinformation efforts.

Having recognized the need to build stronger democracy considerations against disinformation and deceptive influence strategies, Fake News Busters undertook a series of activities that not only promote societal engagement including Seminars, Debate, Campaign, Lab, Conference, Round Table & Workshops, but also gather the opinions of individuals through a bottom-up approach (including use of social networks, webinars etc.) and media literacy, promoting exchanges between EU citizens on disinformation to foster a better understanding of different perspectives.

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Project name: Fake News Buster

Project Reference: 101081677

Start date 01 April 2023

End date 31 March 2025