German-Polish Youth Office - Deutsch-Polnisches Jugendwerk

During the conference were presented a series of tools and methods meant to stimulate the processes of the integration of the youth with lower chances with local societies and of developing selfesteem and social bonds.

This event contributed to raise in the potential of participating organizations in the field of organizing sport, recreational- and cultural related classes and events addressed and designed to the needs of the youth with lower chances, it had impact on implementation of methods of work to the programs of sport, recreational and cultural classes. Moreover, the participants of the seminary gained competences from the field of diagnosing needs and individual support of particular participants of the classes, and preventing (with the use of “ no - violence communication ”) the situations of discrimination and rejection persons with lower intellectual, mobility or social potential by other members of the group.


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Student Sport Club Conrad hosted a seminar devoted to the field of social inclusion of the youth with migrants and refugees families and with lower chances using the tools available in sport, culture and social activity. Volunteers and workers of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) from Germany, Ukraine and Poland participated in the conference. The seminar was an opportunity to improve the skills and tools of people working with disabled youth, the youth with lower intellectual or mobility potential, the youth coming from pathological societies, addicted to stimulants, having problems with social assimilation, having problems with acquiring knowledge or from the NEETs group.

A number of 10 young people from each of the three partner countries (Poland, Germany and Ukraine) attended the 9 days the event that took place between 26th June and 4th July 2019, in Zakopane, Poland.

The project was co-financed from the funds of the Polish-German Youth Cooperation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.