Social Media – Reach and Engage Marginalised Youth

During the training course the participants will be facilitated to better understand the application and power of social media from a professional perspective and how to create and hone their social media strategies to meet their youth outreach and engagement objectives.
The activities will take place in a multicultural environment with the participants representing various cultures and backgrounds, providing a superb setting for the participants to exchange positive and cultural values.
The participants will work in multicultural groups on various social media related activities and share ideas and best practices.
They will engage in problem solving activities within intercultural teams and experience intercultural cooperation during the activity week.

The project involves two trainers/facilitators working together each representing a different partner organisation and country (The Netherlands and The UK). Together they will run and manage the training course.

The total number of participants for the training course is 37, representing 14 organisations from 13 countries – The Netherlands, Lithuania, Turkey, Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic, Malta, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Italy and the UK.
The participants will be at least 18 years of age. There is no age limit in youth workers mobility. Many of the participants are classed as facing obstacles.
The participants are youth workers, youth leaders, and representatives of youth organisations, who are actively working with young people professionally or on voluntary basis, are familiar with social media, are keen to learn how to use social media to reach and engage marginalised young people, and are interested in the overall topic.
The training course activities will involve energisers, team dynamics, games, practical group exercises, simulations, team presentations, brainstorming, round-table discussions, reflection groups, and other activities.
Non-formal learning methods will be used throughout the project activities.

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By international cooperation of youth workers representing 14 different organisations from 13 EU countries we aim to learn and better understand: how to create a social media strategy to reach and engage marginalised and hard-to-reach young people; explore how social media can be used to share positive values and contribute to countering violent youth radicalisation; modernise youth outreach and engagement activities in line with the trends of the millennial generation; and empower youth workers with social media and other skills required in today’s diverse, multicultural and digitally focused leadership, entrepreneurial, work and business environments.

Project Reference: 2020-1-UK01-KA105-078231

Coordinator: Dragon Eggs Digital CIC


Euro-Med Youth Federation (EMYF) e. V.

COSI (Civic Orientation and Social Integration)


Emprende Empleo European Network

La Fucina dei Saperi

Stichting Drawing to Health


3D Friends

Tudatos Tervezésért