Tools to Change the World

This project aims to empower youngsters with skills and knowledge in active citizenship and participation, standing up for diversity and justice. 

We have shared knowledge on how to create sustainable and happy communities, how to live a healthier lifestyle more in sync with nature, and how we can extrapolate that into society in general. We provided training and inspiration on how together we can create a positive impact in our society. We have shared with the participants' visions and solutions to our world's problems, and provided them the tools to implement these solutions. Through different activities and games, we promoted values of inclusiveness, solidarity, democracy, friendship, etc. Through the medium of study circles, workshops, sharing sessions, cooperative games, and other activities, we gave them the opportunity to have hands-on experience on the very important notions of teamwork, leadership, proper planning, and concrete execution.
The YE circled around the topics of local and community development, team and capacity building, seen from a sustainability viewpoint, and healthier, more conscious lifestyles. Indirectly, we wanted to inspire participants to use critical and rational thinking when encountered with viewpoints different than their own. We face serious problems of violence and oppression, financial inequality, resources and environmental crisis, and an economic situation that does not promote a secure and prosperous future.
The participants took a cross-cultural look at these intergenerational justice issues, contemplated ways of building a more sustainable culture and what can be done in our everyday lives - both individually and collectively, across cultures - to discover together healthy ways to create a better society. The activities took place in an abandoned hamlet now getting back to life, and thus creating awareness about the problems of depopulation in rural areas and contributing to a revival of interest in living in rural communities, showcasing practical tools on how to do create invigorating transformation even in the most decaying areas. Objectives:
1. To promote active citizenship, justice and conscious participation in democratic life in Europe and the labour market. The focus is mainly on the values of freedom, tolerance, social cohesion and respect of human rights;
2. To improve the quality of work and activities youngsters, inspiring them to be more active in their communities and perhaps becoming community leaders who can foster meaningful development of their local areas.
3. Increase their opportunities in the labor market by catering to their real educational needs and sharing knowledge, tools and practices that have worked with us; such as Team building skills, training skills, etc;
4. Support youngsters in their desired learning outcomes, providing them with research mechanisms and imbuing in them
a sense of critical thinking
5. To enhance proactivity and awareness about social entrepreneurship, forms of collaborative work and media literacy -especially targeting marginalized areas with fewer opportunities;
6. To provide experience on how a healthy and balanced lifestyle - in contact with nature and its rhythms, energizing vegetarian food, physical exercises and mental concentration.
7. To promote inclusion; intercultural, international and inter-religious dialogue as well as social inclusion and solidarity,
8. To improve cooperation between organisations in the youth field and between these and other stakeholders, between formal and non-formal education, vocational, employment, and entrepreneurship training, supporting policy reforms at local, national, and European levels.
The biggest challenges society is facing nowadays are connected with not knowing how to act, in an increasingly changing, uncertain world. This translates to an increasingly volatile world, where misinformation and lack of perceived power can rapidly influence hearts and create adverse social dynamics that affect society as a whole. We shared learnings we have come across, on how to live in a world free of hatred, discrimination, where citizens exert their due part in the democratic process and, through lawful means, create positive change. 

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In order to promote equity in the selection, there was no distinction based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or political opinion. The inclusion of participants with fewer opportunities or from disadvantaged backgrounds was ensured by facilitating the access of people facing educational difficulties, social and /or economic obstacles.
We gave preference in selection to youths facing:
- discrimination due to gender and sexual oriantation;
- young people with learning and social difficulties;
- early school-leavers;
- low qualified adults and young people in long-term unemployment or poverty or with low income in order to give them new skills and perspectives on life.
The YE had a defined program with a main topic for each day. Anyhow there were as well a lot of open slots for open spaces where participants shared and exchanged knowledge.
The main activities were debates, discussions, presentations, deepening self-knowledge, and intercultural learning. We believe that we offered everyone a chance to go deeper into the topic of inclusion through non-formal education, lifelong learning, sustainability, healthy lifestyles, as well as motivation and inspiration to organize and participate in more Erasmus+ projects and be more active in society.

Project Reference: 2020-1-PT02-KA105-006657

Coordinator: AMURT Portugal



KEY - Innovation in Culture Education and Youth

Euro-Med Youth Federation (EMYF) e. V.

Ananda Marga Danmark

Asset Based Community Development Innovation Center


Proutist Universal Malta