The main objective of the project was to support vulnerable youth facing social challenges augmented by COVID and to enhance their skills and abilities to be able to overcome experiences of fragility through art. The project aims to develop artistic, civic and social skills of young people, especially those, living in urban areas. To achieve this goal, the project had as specific objectives intention to: - collect and promote methods, effective approaches of the use of art and creative expression in a conscious and constructive way to develop skills in young people; - to provide opportunities and space for young people to experience these approaches and thus to improve their knowledge and skills in the arts and beyond.

The project has yielded several outcomes, including a handbook and toolkit in multiple languages on participatory methodologies and creativity in youth work. Additionally, a platform has been established for youth trainers, leaders, and educators to access project materials and collaborate. The Blended Hackathon Framework "Hack on Arts" has been developed in English, along with art materials and project ideas generated by youth during local hackathons. Furthermore, products from "Artistic Resistance" activities, such as documentaries, photos, and performances, showcase the creative output of participating youth.

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The project aimed to support vulnerable youth facing social challenges, especially exacerbated by COVID, by enhancing their skills through art. It focused on developing artistic, civic, and social skills, particularly for urban youth. Specific objectives included collecting and promoting effective art-based approaches and providing opportunities for youth to improve their skills. Outcomes include a handbook and toolkit in multiple languages, a platform for collaboration, and a Blended Hackathon Framework called "Hack on Arts." Additionally, creative outputs from youth activities, like documentaries and performances, were showcased.

Project name: URBANUS

Project Reference: 2020-1-IT03-KA227-YOU-020619

Start date: 02.04.2021

End date 01.04.2023

Coordinator: Orizzonti Società Cooperativa Sociale

EU Contribution: 185,375.5 EUR